Just noticed…

On the main Yahoo! page today (June 10, 2009), two interesting stories about President Obama appeared at the same time.  The first is the main article and is entitled: 

Obama gets food following: From restaurant choices to menu picks, food lovers hang on the Obamas’ every bite.”

The second article is further down, in the middle of what I call the “fine print” section of articles.  It is entitled: 

Obama administration ready to issue new Wall Street pay curbs

Does anyone else find this the least bit interesting?  Sure, Obama is about to move further into Marxist economic practices (see Marx’s version of the 10 Commandments, particularly numbers 5 and 7 in The Communist Manifesto), but what is he having for lunch? 

Nevermind that he is engaging in economic practices that could destroy all prosperity for Americans!  What does he like on his pizza?  So, this is what emperor worship looked like…


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