Pelosi Wants Tolerance…and Other Contradictions

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, is worried that the current health care debate too closely resembles the violent, angry debates over homosexuality in San Francisco during the 1970s which included the murder of Harvey Milk.  Her concern was so heart-felt, sincere, and gut-wrenching that she could produce no specific examples of why she thought so, either in word or deed. 

That’s okay.  It’s in the news anyway.  After all, Harvey Milk had a movie made about him, with Sean Penn playing him.  Sean Penn, people!  Do we really want to stand by and watch other people get killed, forcing Sean Penn to make more movies?  But I digress.

Apparently it is no longer a logical leap to say that because Joe Wilson said “You lie!” he could easily kill people in the near future.  After all, he blatantly refused to apologize (I mean, other than those first few he offered immediately afterwards)!   

Pelosi said, “Our country is great because people can say what they think and they believe…But I also think that they have to take responsibility for any incitement that they may cause.”  Of course, the incitements are only worrisome when they are directed toward people Pelosi likes.  Pelosi’s incitement here against her opponents is nothing to worry about.  After all, liberal revolutionaries don’t kill people (said Robespierre).

The article concluded, “The public anger during health care town hall meetings in August spilled into the House last week when South Carolina Republican Joe Wilson shouted “You lie!” at Obama, the nation’s first black president, during his speech. On a largely party-line vote, the House reprimanded Wilson” (emphasis mine). 

Did you guys know that President Obama was black?  And Joe Wilson accused him of lying?  What a racist! (that follows, right?)  Oh, and he’s probably a murderer.

With tools (“weapons” is too violent an image) like unfounded charges of racism and inciting violence at their disposal, how do liberals ever lose a debate?

Folks, we must truly take these warnings to heart.  Pelosi, after all, has remained a model of restraint and gentleness in dealing with her rivals.  When Bush was in office, she was as cool as a cucumber.  Heck, she was cool as a pacifistic gay cucumber who sells incense and dream-catchers.  In other words, she knows what she’s talking about and is completely trustworthy – unless you ask her for things like proof or specific details.


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