Favorite Things

I love this time of year and I’ll tell you why…in a list.

1)      A finally active fire pit in the backyard

2)      Winter lagers

3)      Christmas lights

4)      Dark, heavy coffees

5)      The chill of the air when I first go out in the morning

6)      School holidays

7)      The way leaves swirl when they fall off the trees

8)      The smell of apples and cinnamon that always fills our house

9)      Church and family parties and the sounds of conversation, glasses clinking, and Christmas music in the background that always accompany them

10)   Hoping against hope for snow days…yes, even in North Carolina

But, you may ask, “Why should I care about this list of yours?”  Well, you shouldn’t care merely because it is a list of my favorite things, but because thinking about such things reminds us of the simple but profound beauty with which we are surrounded every day.

God has given us senses, all of which help us apprehend the beauty of life and the world around us.  God has made them for us – the smells, tastes, feelings, sights, and sounds of beauty that fill us with pleasure if we would only take a moment to acknowledge them. 

As adults, we are far too quick to pass by the things that should still fill us with awe and gratitude.


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