Look Over Here!

Technicians have managed to uncover 22 million of President Bush’s e-mails that were previously thought to be lost.  The e-mails were said to be mislabeled or, depending on your take, intentionally deleted and hidden so the American people could never know what really went on when Bush was in office.

The timing of this is interesting to me.  The Obama/Marx health care takeover is stalling out.  Obama’s popularity and approval ratings are lowering, in spite of pulling out all the stops with public appearances.  He’s even talking about the family dog again…with Oprah!  

What’s a man to do when his “Midas touch” starts turning things to rust?  Oh, wait!  Of course!  The answer was there all the time!  How could they forget?  What does Obama do every time someone calls him out on a mistake of his own (if, hypothetically, he could make mistakes)?  Blame Bush!

The American people don’t want their government to continue taking on powers that the Constitution does not grant them (in continual violation of the 10th Amendment).  The recent elections show the tip of the iceberg.  Obama’s popularity continues to plummet, yet he keeps going back to that same old play – blame Bush.

In the middle of this administration’s constant blundering, they release a desperate story attempting to deflect attention back to Bush.  “Don’t worry about the stuff we’re doing, just look over here.  Bush hid e-mails!”


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