Stimulus Money for Faster Internet?

$7.2 billion of tax-payer money is going to provide faster internet service to poor and rural areas.  The first bit (by bit, I mean only $182 million) is to be awarded today.  Apparently, the poor and those in the country are in such desperate need of faster internet that the government has to act quickly. 

Now, of course, the apparent real reason is that it will create jobs for those who are establishing the new broadband service and, while that’s true, let’s not forget what this actually means.  It means that taxpayers are going to shell out $7.2 billion of their money so the poor can have fast internet!

Remember a couple of things here.  First, the government has no money.  Any and all funds they get are taxpayer generated.  Period.  America seems to be duped into thinking that the government is spending its own allowance here.  The money they spend comes from taxpayers. 

Second, we must remember that $7.2 billion is a lot of money.  Granted, it is pocket change compared to the gargantuan numbers being thrown out in the stimulus packages (which seem to be coming up quarterly now) and health care bills nowadays.  Still, $7.2 billion is a lot.  Let’s visualize it, shall we?  $7,200,000,000.00. 

You can check out the full story at the link below.


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