A Word about Scott Brown

The election of Scott Brown to the Massachusetts Senate seat is a cause for rejoicing for many of us, as it brings an end to the “super majority” power of the Democratic Senate.  That power enabled them to break filibusters and essentially resist any attempts to derail or slow down their agenda.

Brown’s election is a historic one for that reason and because he is the first Republican to hold that office in Massachusetts since 1972. 

The election of Brown is good news because it does show that even voters in Massachusetts (the bluest of the blue states) don’t enjoy tyranny.  However, I think the occasion warrants a word of caution as well.  This is not to put a damper on anything, only to keep things in perspective.

1) Just as Obama is no Messiah, so Scott Brown is no Messiah.  As one bumper sticker said, “I already have a Savior, I’m looking for a President.”  We must keep in perspective what these men are doing and who they are.  Scott Brown may be a great Senator and the timing of his election is an answer to prayer for many, but we must not allow our judgment to become cloudy here.

2) As Doug Wilson says, politics is no savior, but politics needs to be saved.  America won’t be saved by simply electing new senators.  That can delay some problems and even improve some some things, but politics is no savior.  America’s real need is repentance not simply a change in Washington.  Others have had control in Washington before and done no better.

Again, my congratulations to Scott Brown.  I am grateful for his election and I pray that he will use his vote and influence for good.  But, this cannot lull us to sleep and find comfort in man.  The Church must find hope in repentance before the true King and Creator of all, in Whom all things consist and are held together.


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