An ACORN with a Bad Toupee

ACORN no longer exists in New York.  Well, it sort of doesn’t exist.  They will have the same employees, same mission, and same procedures and operations.  But, other than that, they are completely different.

“How,” you ask?  Because they are changing their name to New York Communities for Change.  “Oh!” you say, “That does change everything!  Now there is no problem with helping pimps get tax breaks for establishing brothels where they will employ underage girls.”

Like a man with a bad toupee, ACORN would like to think no one notices.  “It’s real.  Honest!  Why do you keep pointing and snickering?”

But, even President Obama is separating himself from ACORN, an organization with which he worked and publicly supported.  He can now take advantage of the aforementioned toupee and say, “ACORN?  What’s ACORN?  I’m a New York Communities for Change man!”

Now that is change…change we can believe in, and point at and snicker.


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