Like Swordless Warriors

Evangelicals have a strange problem.  Okay, evangelicals have many strange problems, but I’m only speaking of one particular problem here.  We talk ad nauseum about “worldviews” and “worldview issues,” but the evangelical community has a strange schizophrenic tendency to disconnect ideas (worldviews) from practice.

We want to argue with the world, telling them we have a better way (i.e., better worldview), but as soon as someone moves from think tank style pontificating to applying said worldview to life (child-rearing, entertainment standards, cultural issues, etc.) they are accused of legalism by other evangelicals.

This leaves the world we were arguing against with an sweet set up.  They get to watch the bickering, with snacks, and reap the benefits.  They can dismiss us, claim our worldview is impractical, and our “friends” are giving them the ammunition to do so.

Essentially, those evangelicals act like Gnostics.  We take pride in our superior worldview (and it is), but then act as if it’s only function is enabling us to win debates and write more books.  Pulpits reflect this tendency, making strangely abstract sermons that aid the Gnostics in their attempts to maintain intellectual superiority while exhibiting that they possess nothing more than mental gas.

Truth incarnates.  It takes on flesh, has hands, feet, lips, and eyes.  Truth raises children, eats bread, reads books, watches, movies, drinks beer, makes love, and worships.  The evangelical (read, more importantly, biblical) worldview is superior precisely because of this.  To relegate it merely to the “world of ideas” is like a warrior who puts down his sword because the battle is starting.

Click here for more on this topic at Doug Wilson’s “Blog and Mablog.”


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