Headline: “Headline Editors Find Truths Hidden to the Rest of Humanity”

As a vote on the health care bill looms large, to occur on Sunday, news sources are playing different tunes.  Take a look at this sampling of headlines from today’s news:

“Most Americans see healthcare benefiting the needy” (Reuters)

“State of health care debate: Pundits attack 11-year-old” (McClatchy)

“Obama legacy at stake as health vote looms” (AFP)

Interesting…it’s almost as if they are taking a side here.  Just for your information, the poll released today is contradicted by every Rasmussen poll done in the last month. 

The pundits who are “attacking” the 11-year-old boy have actually only been guilty of attacking the use of that story by politicians as a fallacious appeal to pity.  They have pointed out, accurately, that the boy’s mother was not denied treatment simply because she was uninsured. 

Talk about circling the wagons!


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