Good Samaritan Left to Die

Seven New Yorkers passing by a homeless man is not news.  Seven New Yorkers passing by a homeless man who was stabbed while being a “Good Samaritan” is.  The story can be found here

31-year-old Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax intervened to protect a woman who was being attacked by another man.  The assailant stabbed Tale-Yax when he stepped in to protect her and both the man and woman ran away. 

Hugo was left to die and seven New Yorkers passed him by.  One man even lifted him up, saw blood pooling under him, and walked away. 

Raechelle Groce, a woman visiting her grandmother at a nearby building, asked, “Is anybody human anymore?  What’s wrong with humanity?”

Significant questions deserve significant answers and the answers to Ms. Groce’s questions are both obvious and hard to hear.  Livy, the great Roman historian, said of his own day, “We can neither endure our vices nor face the remedies needed to cure them.”

Man has largely ceased behaving humanely, but that problem has come about progressively.  For example, America has allowed essentially unrestricted abortion for over 35 years now.  And, while the dehumanizing of other people did not begin with abortion, can Americans be surprised that allowing the murder of nearly 52,000,000,000 unborn children makes a nation callous toward human life?

Debates now rage about “quality of life” and “meaningful existence.”  Physicians who once swore to “do no harm” (Hippocratic Oath) now debate which lives are worth saving.  “What if they want to die?”  

The answers to Groce’s questions are more disturbing than the questions themselves.  “Isn’t anybody human anymore?”  We do not know and have no standard.  We decide on an apparently case-by-case basis. 

“What’s wrong with humanity?”  We do not understand who we are.  We have become a culture of death because we do not believe in the source of life.  Is it any surprise that “evolved animals” treat one another like animals? 

Hugo was a Good Samaritan and was left to die alone by a people who have no standard of good and have been trained to no longer care.


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