Unity brought out of division

Thoughts before communion on Sunday, May 17th.

Satan is a deceiver and a divider.  His first recorded act on this earth was to separate man from His Maker.  He divides people within themselves, divides marriages, divides families, and divides churches, communities, and nations. 

            Christ came as God in the flesh.  The One who united what was separated, and He did it in one body; His own body.  Then men who were separated from God killed Him.  When they did so, rocks split in two, the temple veil was torn in two, and the One who was life left the land of the living. 

            But, something else happened as well.  When Christ was murdered, His body was given and His blood was shed.  He was, if you will, divided.  Yet that division brought union and it still does.  Christ unites what was divided, heals what was broken, and brings peace where there was war.  He is our Passover lamb, our peace offering, and our fellowship meal.

            When we come into worship, we enter a different realm; a different sphere.  Particularly when we come to the Lord’s Supper, we are leaving behind a world that is broken, fractured, splintered, and divided, and we feast at a table of union, healing, rejoicing, and redemption.  Come and feast.  Come, taste and see that the Lord is good.


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