Regular “I Love Yous” – Weekly Communion

Thoughts before Communion – May 23, 2010          

We come to the Lord’s Table every week and we do that because it is the historic Church practice and Scripture, in Acts 20:7 and 1st Corinthians 11, indicates that the believers did this when they came together each week.

            The first charge that you hear when you argue for weekly communion is, “But, doesn’t that take away from it being a special time?”  This is more than a little like saying, “I only tell my wife I love her once a quarter because I want her to know I mean it.”  It’s more likely, however, that telling her once a quarter will mean she doesn’t believe you.

            In similar fashion, irregular practice of the Lord’s Supper has produced unbelief in the Lord’s Supper.  Most think it does nothing at all and merely stands as an old ritual.  But, we come to the table weekly because it is no mere ritual.  In it, we receive the body and blood of Christ; not Christ re-sacrificed, but Christ spiritually present with us.  We feed upon the good gifts of God for His people and we are given grace and renewed fellowship. 

            So, as we come to the table yet again this week, let us never call it a mere ritual.  Rather, let us rejoice that God feeds us week after week, and let it serve to remind us that our Father’s love and care for us overflows with such force that His table is bursting with grace week after week.  When He tells us He loves us, we can believe it, because He shows us regularly in the body and blood of His Son, the gifts of His table.


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