FCC Considering Regulations on Broadband Internet

In the last year or so, President Obama has led the charge for government regulation on big businesses (those “too big to fail”), Wall Street, and the health insurance industry.  More recently, he has unveiled his intentions to go after big oil – “Never waste a good disaster” – and now, the internet. 

According to this Associated Press story, the FCC is considering federal regulations on internet providers to ensure compliance with federally-defined guidelines. 

Though such regulations were previously struck down by a federal appeals court, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, a Democrat, wants to now redefine “broadband access as a telecommunications service subject to ‘common carrier’ obligations to treat all traffic equally.”

In other words, if at first your takeover does not succeed, twist the story and try, try again.  And, it should be noted that government regulation is ultimately the same as government takeover. 

Summary?  The United States federal government regulates and, therefore, controls communications, education, food, medicine, health services, insurance, Wall Street, big businesses, agriculture, employment, property, and fuel.  And that, it seems, is just the beginning.


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