Communion & Sabbath

Thoughts before communion on June 27, 2010

In many ways, the Lord’s Day is the calm before the storm.  Now, I have no idea what your average week is like, but I would bet that for most of us, Monday morning is a far cry from Sunday afternoon.  We are to do all of our work during the other six days and rest on the Sabbath, just as God modeled for us. 

            Of course, that is largely thrown out the window even in the Christian community now.  We have willingly submitted to the tyranny of the urgent and now we are used to our tyrant.  In fact, we are so comfortable being tyrannized that we now even submit to the tyranny of the not-so-important.  Everything is accessible all the time and, we think, if we can do it, then we should.  We can live life at breakneck speeds, so why not?  The expectations of our culture become our own expectations.

            Now, understand that this is not a “5 Steps to Destress Your Life” talk.  You can find Christian bookstore shelves full of that.  I’m talking about the wisdom of God vs. the wisdom of man.  God commands us to stop, worship, rest, feast, and recreate because He knows we need it.  In fact, He knew it so well that He modeled it for us.  He knows our frame and He knows what our lives are to look like and it doesn’t include running around like headless chickens. 

            Every week, God calls us all together to His table to eat, drink, enjoy, and be blessed.  It’s the table where Jesus reclined back, talked with His disciples, taught them, and sang with them.  It went on for a while.  Compare that with your experience at the Lord’s Table.  Do you munch down the bread, choke down the wine, and check your watch?  Or do you see this as another occasion to rest and be fed on the Lord’s Day, the day of rest and feasting?


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