Arizona Bru-ha Continues…(9 other states join said bru-ha)

Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox

On Wednesday, nine states filed a brief in federal court to support Arizona’ s right to enforce its highly controversial immigration law (Michigan, South Carolina, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Florida, Nebraska, Texas, Virginia). 

The law, set to take effect on July 29th, allows law enforcement officers to inquire about immigration status if they have reasonable suspicion that the suspect may be an illegal immigrant.  Of course, such questioning can only take place if the suspect has been stopped or detained for another legal reason (speeding, outstanding ticket, expired plates, etc.). 

The law has been openly denounced by the Obama administration, which has filed a lawsuit against Arizona in federal court.  Read the full story here.  

Inconsistency or lack of equity in the enforcement of laws always leads to bitterness and disillusionment when something changes.  If little Johnny is allowed to jump on the couch for 3 straight days, but is not allowed on day 4, he is rightly confused and a bit frustrated.  What is allowed and what is not, anyway?

The federal government has done nothing to keep illegal immigration in check, essentially turning a blind eye to it.  Now, when someone says, “You can’t do that, it’s illegal!”, those who have enjoyed the illegal activity cry out, “But, you let us do it yesterday!”

Those who support Arizona’s law claim that it’s about time someone put a stop to the breaking of American laws.  Those against it claim it’s unfair to do it now.  Honestly, both sides have a point.  Cracking down on illegal immigration without making a reasonable path (one that doesn’t take decades and tens of thousands of dollars) to legal citizenship available is a poor solution.  Both must be done.


One thought on “Arizona Bru-ha Continues…(9 other states join said bru-ha)

  1. This all ties in with your post on communism. Immigration should not be a problem,unless there is a system in place that causes people to be net consumers instead of producers. The once Christian west, having willfully disregarded the king who created it and sustains it, has adopted the “fairness” economic system of collectivism in varying degrees. It is folly on all levels,and will fail unless Christians reject the idol of “scientific” government(humanism),and return to a biblical reliance on the triune God of Scripture, which for the last
    400 years or so has been manifested best by Protestant Christianity. Protestant Christianity use to keep the law’s of its king, but not so much any more.
    God’s laws are a blessing and are immutable. The Ten Commandments are the ultimate pragmatism. Do this and you will live! Collectivism opposes every one of them, and therefore is madness.

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