Post-election Wrap-up in One Sentence (or so)

“If these Republicans don’t do what they say this time, not only are they out, but the GOP is dead, and it should be.” – Jim DeMint

That sums it up quite well.  Tuesday’s vote was not an endorsement of the Republican party (for evidence, please see the 2008 elections), but it was a clarion call for change to the “change tactics” of our current government.  

This kind of political pendulum activity typifies American politics; never wanting to remain under the thumb of one political party for very long.  We are rightly uneasy with one group holding all the reins.  

But, while we have maintained that tendency, we have failed to realize the real lesson behind it.  When the Republicans rule the roost, we (that is, Americans as a whole) find ourselves quickly frustrated with their “lack of progress.”  When the Democrats are in power, we find ourselves horrified that their definition of “progress” looks a bit like an early Viking invasion, only with less consideration for the opinion of those being invaded.   

Our response is to swing back to the other party.  In the process, we fail to realize that government gridlock is a tremendous blessing.  In other words, if we cannot trust the Republicans and we cannot trust the Democrats, then perhaps we should not trust them. 

The solution is not anarchy, but keeping proper perspective on what government should be expected to do and not do – protect the good, punish the evildoer, and stay out of the way.


One thought on “Post-election Wrap-up in One Sentence (or so)

  1. “then perhaps we should not trust them. ” NOW YOU’RE ON TO SOMETHING!

    “The solution is not anarchy, …” BUT IT’S REAL CLOSE!

    Real good analysis, Brian. But,I thought we were doing all the 10 planks of Marx. Where are our leaders failing in their quest for our total subjugation?

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