Clerical Collars – To Wear or Not to Wear?

Doug Wilson (Pastor of Christ Church, Moscow, ID) and Toby Sumpter (Pastor of Trinity Reformed Church, Moscow, ID) had an interesting dialogue about whether or not ministers should wear a clerical collar. 

For some reason, i could not get the video itself to post here, but the link is below.  It’s certainly worth a look: The Clerical Collar


2 thoughts on “Clerical Collars – To Wear or Not to Wear?

  1. I personally find Toby’s case more convincing. I enjoyed the dialogue between the two though.

  2. Yes, I found the dialogue interesting and Toby’s position more convincing. Doug’s point that the Reformed world is in an identity crisis is well-taken and true, but it doesn’t follow that we shouldn’t make any directional decisions until everyone gets their act together (not even sure who the “everyone” would be).

    Toby’s argument was based in biblical principle (not command, of course) and has some historical backing as well. Of course, there are practical considerations to keep in mind (when? what kind? etc.), but his argument is sound.

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