Jackson Pollack’s Bathmat

Francis Schaeffer, in The God Who Is There, claimed that every major idea of modernity follows the same general path of acceptance.  It begins in the philosophy class, descends (or ascends) into the art world, continues into music, then into the general culture and, finally, reaches the Church/theology of a culture.

Well, I think postmoderism has oozed down the staircase.


2 thoughts on “Jackson Pollack’s Bathmat

  1. I seem to remember Doug Wilson (Modernity Conference) adding another step below(after) the Theology/Church step: Politics/Government. Ergo, Church corruption results in civil government corruption.

  2. Yes, that may be. I think part of Schaeffer’s point was that the Church seems to be the receptacle for every idea that falls down the steps. However, government/politics are a part of the staircase; just not sure where they would be.

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