Ten Reasons Why I Support Ron Paul

I have recently posted a few videos about Ron Paul on my blog and, given the numerous wrong assumptions about him, some may wonder why he has my support.  Well, here are some of the reasons:

1)      He understands the Constitution, particularly the extremely limited role of the federal government

2)      He understands the Bill of Rights and has consistently fought for the individual liberties and rights granted in it

3)      He has voted against every unbalanced budget ever proposed during his 12 terms in Congress

4)      He has voted against every tax increase proposed during his 12 terms in Congress

5)      He holds to a consistent view of the value of human life – not just being “pro-life” but applying it to the pointless wars we are engaged in as well.  Human life matters when it’s our soldiers and citizens in foreign countries as well.

6)      He does not worship at the altar of Nationalism.  Ron Paul is the only candidate that does not support war, violence, and interference by the U.S. in the name of “national security” or “national interest.”

7)      He does not change his views to fit the audience to which he is speaking.  Take some time to watch interviews and speeches he has given and you will find that his message is the same whether talking to Bill Maher or engaging in a Republican primary debate.

8)      He understands that our military involvement in other countries makes us less safe.  If we continually poke a hornet’s nest, we have no right to act puzzled when the hornets get angry with us.

9)      The media does not like him.  Given the state of our current media, from the left of CNN to the “right” of Fox News, Ron Paul gets snubbed and that is a good sign.  Both the left and the right are the problem in this country, so any candidate who is despised by both is on good ground in my mind.

10)   He loves common sense and logic.  Every other politician that I know of can be discredited simply by listening to them because their constant flip-flopping and pandering makes it impossible to be consistent.  Ron Paul answers questions and does so out of principle.  Like him or not, he makes sense and you know where he stands every time.

So, yes, I am openly endorsing one candidate for presidency…and now you know some of the reasons why.


3 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why I Support Ron Paul

  1. Brian, I agree with everything you say here. In fact, among the Republicans, Ron Paul would be the only one that I would even consider voting for. However, I have one reservation: as pro-liberty as Paul is, his sitting as a Republican helps to sustain the Republican leadership, which is certainly NOT pro-liberty. Paul ran as a Republican, after having been a Libertarian, because he believed that it was the only way to get his foot into the Congressional door. I understand that strategy. However, it seems to me that he has sidelined by both the Republican powers-that-be and by the mainstream media. His congressional seat has enabled him to put the ideas of liberty out into the marketplace in a way he might not otherwise been able to do. I’m not sure which side of that balance has been the stronger.

  2. I think points 1 through 10 are the best. Paul’s opposition to “legal” counterfeiting by the Federal Reserve, the federal income tax, the war on drugs that has turned our country into a police state and giving us the largest prison population on the planet are pretty good reasons to support him as well.
    As to Chris’s comment, the media wouldn’t look nearly as bad totally ignoring a third party candidate. Now it is at least a little embarrassing and telling when they give precious air time to “serious” candidates who get a faction of his votes and won’t even mention his name as the second place winner in a major straw pole.

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