Because They Hate Freedom…

In last night’s debate, Ron Paul was crucified upside-down because he told America the motives of Al Qaeda in the words of Al Qaeda.  They claimed that they attacked us on 9/11 and continue to attack us because we have occupied their countries and built bases on their holy lands.  Paul was “booed” by the crowd for simply telling them what the terrorists gave as their motives.  Perhaps the audience thought the terrorists themselves were confused as to their own motivations?

Then, what is the reason?  For ten years now, we have been told that Islamic extremists hate us and want to kill us because they hate freedom and democracy.  What evidence do we have for this?  Why, then, did they say otherwise (as Paul correctly observed)?

But, more to the point, if they attacked us because they hate freedom then why are we spending trillions of dollars and sacrificing the lives of thousands of soldiers to give it to them?


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