California GOP Convention Overwhelmed with Life

The California GOP Convention was suddenly overwhelmed with energy and enthusiasm, two characteristics to which they were apparently unaccustomed and uncomfortable.  Ron Paul won the California straw poll taken over the weekend by a wide margin and actually gained media attention for it.  The story from the San Francisco Chronicle was, by far, the most entertaining.  Read it here.


4 thoughts on “California GOP Convention Overwhelmed with Life

  1. Well hello there sir. I enjoyed out chat last week. I forgot to ask you when we met, “Why Ron Paul?” I know you’ve been a RP guy for a while but I’ve never heard your explanation. I’d love to see you post something that outlines why you believe in Paul more so than a Herman Cain or a Rick Santorum. Take care!

  2. Hi Michael,
    Good question. I wrote another blog post about that very thing and you can find it here:

    I hope that post helps. The things listed there are some of what distinguishes him from other Republican candidates. Many claim that he is not Republican at all and that may be true, in a sense. He’s a historic Republican, but certainly not a modern one – another plus in my book.

  3. Shortly after posting this question I was reminded by my wife that you had already given your “Why RP” explanation in the post you mentioned. I will be sure to share my thoughts:). Thanks for the response.

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