Washington Post, the GOP Debate & Ron Paul

The Washington Post has unveiled their take on last night’s debate between the GOP presidential candidates and, once again, the selected Mitt Romney as their winner…for the fifth straight time.

Among the remaining list of lesser winners, the Post lists Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Gary Johnson.

Newt Gingrich, the admitted master of the one-liner, had some great moments, but as the Post points out, his debate performances do not seem to help him in the overall race.  I am grateful for this lack of return for Gingrich.  He has helped balance the federal budget in the past, but his foreign policy promises to embroil the U.S. in more foreign intervention and war.

As he pointed out in the CNN/Tea Party, if left to him, we would already be more involved in confronting Iran and North Korea.  Not only would this cause further financial strain upon the nation, in addition to the trillions already spent in our multiple foreign wars, but it would continue to sacrifice American defense for American militarism.  Occupying other nations, building bases in other nations, and imposing sanctions on other nations has proven to make us the target of more international hatred and has been shown to increase recruitment into terrorist organizations.

Gingrich may deliver great bumper sticker responses, but his foreign policy, in particular, should give every voter pause.

Rick Santorum, another Washington Post winner, had a drawn-out exchange with Rick Perry on immigration in last night’s debate.  The Post argued that tangling with one of the “big boys” in the debate was a good move on Santorum’s part.  He pressed Perry on his immigration record, particularly granting the children of illegal immigrants the right to in-state tuition in Texas colleges and universities.

While that may have been a strong moment for Santorum, it also produced a good bit of laughter for me when Santorum cried out, “He doesn’t want to build a fence!”

Santorum mirrors Gingrich in foreign policy and openly states his belief in “American exceptionalism,” which he apparently takes to mean that we can meddle in every nation around the world spreading our ways at gunpoint and we should expect no negative consequences whatsoever.  In a previous debate, Santorum took Ron Paul to task for suggesting otherwise, arguing that Muslims hate us because they hate freedom.  Therefore, Santorum seems to reason, we should force freedom and democracy upon them with bombs.  Then they will like it.

Gary Johnson was the final winner in the mind of the Washington Post.  He had a great line near the end of the debate, claiming that his neighbors dogs had created more “shovel-ready” jobs than the Obama administration.  Good line, but one has to wonder why Johnson was suddenly included in these debates.  Some indicate that Rick Perry insisted upon his inclusion, perhaps to take some attention from Ron Paul, given their shared libertarian ideology.  While that is possible, it would be difficult to prove.  Rick Perry does, however, seem somewhat frightened of Paul, as shown in the cancelling of the Texas GOP straw poll (in which Perry trailed Paul, even though he is governor of the state).

The Post article continued, listing Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann as “losers” in the debate and it would be hard to disagree.  Bachmann had little time in the debate (though still more than Paul, Cain, and Johnson) and received few substantive questions.  Perry completely derailed near the end, apparently drunk while trying to indicate that Mitt Romney was inconsistent (see video here).

The most fascinating aspect of the Washington Post article was its complete disregard for Ron Paul.  He is not mentioned…not once.  It is true that Paul is usually given less time in debates, as was true again last night, but he is solidly in third place in national polls.  Paul’s performance in last night’s debate was strong (see Paul highlights here) and his grassroots support is devout, massive, and growing.

Of course, the media’s disregard for him is ironically well-known (see video below).

Ron Paul placed within 1% of winning the Iowa straw poll.  He won the California straw poll.  He wins nearly every online poll with landslide numbers and he is currently third in national GOP polls.  Why are they ignoring him?  The entire political establishment fears him, and rightly so, as he would seek to break the back of unconstitutional government, warmongering,  and fiscal irresponsibility.

Ron Paul has been consistent and honest in his devotion to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for 30 years and the people of America have awakened to join him.  Be afraid, DC…be very afraid.  The Washington Post may ignore him, but the people have not.


2 thoughts on “Washington Post, the GOP Debate & Ron Paul

  1. Thank you for this honest article. This is one step towards a more honest and trustworthy media. It makes me like the Washington Post more now.

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