Teacher Calls Tea Party Leader a “Nazi”

Jonathan Bryant, a teacher at Edgewood School, called San Antonio Tea Party leader George Rodriguez a “Nazi.”  Bryant asked Rodriguez if students who were illegal immigrants should be reported and did not like the answer.

While one could argue that this is simply another example of the great skill with which liberals debate (that is, name-calling), I find something far more disturbing here.  Jonathan Bryant is a government teacher and he called a Tea Party leader a Nazi, as in the Nazis.  You know, the German political party which shortened its name from Nationalist Socialists.

In other words, Jonathan Bryant claims that Tea Party leader George Rodriguez is a socialist?  The Tea Party has been called a lot of bad names – terrorists, extremists, racists, hatemongers (and some others I won’t repeat) – but surely socialist is a new one.

The Nazis supported universal, government-run health care, control of the media by disseminating only their message, federal control of banks, State-run economic policies, and strict regulations on all businesses.  This all sounds familiar, but I don’t remember it coming from the Tea Party…


One thought on “Teacher Calls Tea Party Leader a “Nazi”

  1. It is a wide spread contagion, of public school teachers who really don’t know history, politics, or economics, yet are assumed to be experts on all things by their impressionable students (and their frequently clueless parents.)

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