“Stuffing, Flooding & Busing”

Bill O’Reilly, host of “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News, held a poll on his website to gauge support for the various GOP candidates.  Ron Paul won that poll handily, but the poll was thrown out because Paul’s supporters engaged in the dishonest behavior O’Reilly calls “flooding” the polls (Herman Cain’s supporters did as well).

CNN reports that Ron Paul did win the California straw poll, but it was no real indication of his support because his supporters are young and energetic.

John Hamby of CNN reports that Paul’s victory in the Values Voter Straw poll should be dismissed because he wins them all the time and because some of his supporters were bused in.

To recap, Ron Paul’s victories should be entirely dismissed because:

1) His supporters ride on buses.

2) His supporters are young, dedicated, and energetic and that only counts in your favor if you are Barack Obama.

3) His online poll victories are only the result of having more votes than the other candidates and, as everyone knows, that is not how elections are won.


One thought on ““Stuffing, Flooding & Busing”

  1. They are SO squirming in their little ‘journalistic’ minds.

    If they could ONLY talk about Ron Paul. I guess these dufuses will do anything to keep their jobs. Oh well. Must be hard for them to sleep at night.

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