Obama Goes After Romney in Epic Case of “Pot & Kettle”

On October 12, President Obama’s campaign strategist David Axelrod held a press conference for the apparent purpose of bashing Mitt Romney.  While Obama has been in campaign mode for some time, this is one of the first direct shots taken at a GOP  front runner.

Specifically, Axelrod charged Romney with being a “flip-flopper” on several key issues: extending payroll tax cuts, Obamacare, and more.

Axelrod noted: “We’re not picking the nominee, but [Romney] deserves to be scrutinized because he is stunningly inconsistent.”  Well, that’s a tough one to disagree with…

Mitt Romney has shown himself to be “stunningly inconsistent” – on health care, on gun rights, on abortion, to name a few.  And, while Americans have honed (to near perfection) their ability to elect liars, everyone should be frightened by Romney’s ability to so blatantly contradict himself on video!

But, what is more mind-boggling, is that Obama would target someone else – anyone else – for lying.  Romney is a liar.  No disagreement there.  But, Obama daring to call out someone else for dishonesty is simply hilarious.

Seven lies…in two minutes…in one speech.  But that is not all.

How should Romney respond?  “The pot calling the kettle black?”  “It takes one to know one?”

Entertaining as that would be, Romney will simply deflect the issue of his own lying and call out Obama on his lies and American voters will become more cemented in their acceptance of dishonesty, finger-pointing, and blame-shifting in American politics.

The really good news, however, is that Obama does not get to choose his opponent in the 2012 election.  Romney and Obama are both liars, but fortunately, America does not have to choose between them.

The election season grinds on and despite the impression that the Obama campaign and the media seek to give, the race is far from settled.  The GOP race will bring many more surprises.  Bachmann was once at the top; then it was Perry; now it is supposedly Cain.  Of course, those were media ploys as well.

Americans are not reduced to simply two competing liars because there is still one man of proven honesty, integrity, and consistency in the race – Ron Paul.  And even Obama’s spin doctors would have trouble challenging his record.

Ron Paul finished second in the Iowa straw poll (the “most important” straw poll of the election season), won the CPAC straw poll, the California GOP straw poll, the Values Voter straw poll, and another in South Carolina.  He raised over $8 million in the third quarter alone, has garnered more support from military personnel than every other GOP candidate combined and more than Obama as well.

Still, the media blackout continues…

But, so does The Revolution.


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