GOP Debate Round-Up

In yet another GOP debate last night, 7 of the presidential candidates gathered in Las Vegas while John Huntsman “boycotted” the the event in a desperate attempt to hide that his campaign can no longer afford plane tickets.

The debate was an interesting one, to say the least, with the highlight being the middle school girl slap fight between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.

These men want to be our President.

What is noteworthy about the ongoing spat between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry is that they have both told so many lies and contradictions that they can keep attacking one another.  Romney’s contradictions have been well-documented and, despite his assertion that he is a true conservative not one out of “convenience”, Perry was Al Gore’s campaign manager in Texas and supported Hillary Clinton’s health care plans.

A few of the candidates skated through the debate without telling us anything about themselves or their ideas.  Newt Gingrich, for one, continues to forget that he is debating other candidates, not the media.   Michele Bachmann continued her streak of saying “Obamacare” and reminding everyone that she has lots of kids.

Rick Santorum tried to get into the interrupt-fest with Perry and Romney, but really embarrassed himself when he implied that Ron Paul (husband of over 50 years and a man who left the campaign trail to see his grandchildren dedicated at church) was somehow not committed to the family.

Herman Cain took early heat over his “9-9-9” plan, with most of the candidates pointing out that the plan would create higher taxes for about 84% of Americans and would even hit lower and middle income people the hardest.  He even dodged questions about whether consumers would have to pay state sales taxes in addition to his proposed 9% national sales tax – digressing into a discussion of various fruits and claiming that his campaign’s assessment of the plan was far more favorable.  Go figure.  Maybe someone forgot to carry a 9…or an apple?

Apples and oranges aside, Cain’s plan means the creation of a new kind of tax for the federal government to exploit and very high sales taxes – state and federal paid on every purchase.

CNN deserves credit, however, for doing a better job in granting equal time to the candidates; though there was little possibility of it being worse.  Previous debates revealed a ridiculous discrepancy in time alotted:

Ron Paul, who was on the short end of the stick in other debates, made several significant points and was given opportunities to expound on his own positions as well as going on the offensive against some of the other candidates.

However, the media “blackout” of Ron Paul went back into full effect after the debate, with CNN mentioning him only once in passing during the post-debate wrap-up.

Ron Paul was the only candidate who contributed substance to the debate, yet he is continually overlooked by the media.  He has 5 straw poll victories, has more donations from active military than the other GOP candidates combined (and more than Obama), yet was given less than 19 minutes to speak in the previous debates.  In spite of the blackout, he still stands in the top tier of many national polls.

Ron Paul debates without resorting to interrupting others or childish arguments over who lied the most.  He is never charged with inconsistency or dishonesty because every candidate knows there are no such charges to make against Paul.  Paul does not stoop to bumper sticker doctrines that cannot bear up under scrutiny – like Cain’s “9-9-9” or Romney’s 59-points.

Heck, Ron Paul doesn’t even have a catch phrase.  Am I the only one who is ready to scream if Bachmann says “Obamacare” or Perry mentions more “boots on the ground…in the State of Texas”?

What Ron Paul has is a firm adherence to the Constitution, a willingness to speak the truth even when unpopular, a record of consistency and honesty, and a commitment to liberty.  And if that will not get him to the White House, then perhaps the White House does not deserve him.


2 thoughts on “GOP Debate Round-Up

  1. Excellent article. The rest of the Republicans embarrassed themselves. Ron Paul has class and a deep knowledge. I also think he should be our next president.

  2. I was embarrassed for the majority of the republicans up there. Especially Romney and Perry. I think Ron Paul has the best ideas in general and besides his character is sound. He would make a great leader of this country.

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