Is Herman Cain Self-Destructing? Let’s Hope So.

By anyone’s standards, Herman Cain’s recent rise in GOP polls has been impressive.  He went from quite a long shot to winning a couple of straw polls and gaining much media attention.  But is the “Cain Train” losing steam?

When Cain was a back of the pack candidate, no one seemed to pay much attention to what he was actually saying, but the spotlight has a way of exposing faults and Cain’s ideas have draws a good bit of criticism of late.

Even Brit Hume has chimed in with comments that Cain may have peaked in the GOP race.  But, why?

Take this John Stossel interview, for example, where the question of abortion was raised.  Stossel seems a bit confused and, by the end of the segment, even the seemingly agreeable audience doesn’t know when or whether to clap.

Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer described this as “incoherent” and I think that summed it up just fine.

Then, of course, there is the Federal Reserve issue.

Oh, and the “apples and oranges” fiasco during the most recent CNN debate.

Speaking of economics, what about the bailouts?

So far, so good.  But, why did he write a column for North Star supporting the bailouts?  The contradiction resulted in this awkward discussion…

Herman Cain may be on a downward slope and should be.  Why should voters support him when no one (Herman Cain included) knows what he thinks?  The only positive that could come out of such blatant contradictions is that the American people would already know he’s lying before taking office.  But that’s not a great campaign platform – “Vote Cain!  At least you already know I’m lying!”

Is Herman Cain’s campaign self-destructing?  Let’s hope so.  If not, it is further proof that the American people are content remaining either in ignorance and apathy, inexcusably unaware of his contradictions; or they are content to remain under the thumb of lying leaders.


4 thoughts on “Is Herman Cain Self-Destructing? Let’s Hope So.

  1. Josh, you may be right. You know, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry have contradicted themselves and lied just as frequently, but they did so with a bit more “slickness” about them. Cain honestly seems to have no idea what he said in the previous sentence.

  2. I keep hearing that Republicans say, “Anybody but Obama.” I believe the unspoken hope in the elites circles of both parties in reality is, “Anybody but Ron Paul.”,

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