Moving Beyond No-Win Elections & the U.S. Prison State – Part 2 of 2

by Scott Lazarowitz – Original title “Tear Down That Wall of Central Planning’s Prison State”

(Reprinted from with permission)

People need to know the truth that the current welfare structure is there to take care of the political class – the politicians, the cartel of banksters, the neocon bureaucrats and their military-industrial-complex leeches. Please, let us throw their status of privilege into the dustbin of history! (And some people even think that we could do it in 30 days, in fact.)

The most crucial ingredient that makes a prosperous society – as America had experienced in the past – is liberty. Note how, throughout the 20th Century to the present time, America’s dwindling personal and economic freedom has coincided with more severe economic downturns and stagnation.

When asked if the end goal of libertarianism is liberty or prosperity, Austrian school economist Richard Ebeling replied, in this lecture on economic liberty (at about 1:10:48),

As Lord Acton said, liberty is the highest political good. It is the right of the individual to control and manage his own life guided by his own inclinations and beliefs concerning good, bad, right and wrong…The benefit of the market is that it is the institutional arrangement in which people have that liberty, and has the positive and originally unintended consequences…that it also generates prosperity. As Adam Smith clearly understood, each man knows his interests and opportunities far better than a statesman far away in a state capitol who has the hubris and the arrogance to believe that he can manage other people’s affairs…The lack of freedom invariably involves diminished prosperity, or even the loss of prosperity if the heavy hand of the State is rigid enough.

To avoid a complete collapse of our entire system and economy, and subsequent riots and violence, the people are just going to have to face the fact that there is nothing anyone can do to reform the federal government. What our present generations of Americans must do is overcome the denial of that truth and, yes, cut our losses and move on in a decentralized society. If we don’t do this, our keeping the structure of centralized control in Washington will give us the impending chaos, impoverishment and civil unrest and violence that some people have been predicting will happen.

One of the most critical actions that we need to take is decentralizing money and the entire banking system. People have a God-given right to use whatever medium of exchange they so desire, and it is immoral for a band of bureaucrats to gang together and make a law forcing everyone to use a single government-issued currency. Such a top-down, authoritarian central planning scheme is intrusive into the people’s right of voluntary exchange and right to control their wealth. And it is the centralized, government-controlled banking cartel that has enabled the elites amongst us to seize control over the nation’s wealth. I wish the Occupy Wall Street crowd could understand this. (Why there are so many Gorbachev-like thinkers all across America is anybody’s guess.)

The Anti-Federalists wisely and intuitively knew that such centralization of power and control could not work, and would lead to a tyranny from which no Constitution and no Supreme Court (sic) could possibly protect the people. (And see hereherehereherehere, and here.)

The other day Sean Hannity interviewed Pat Buchanan on the radio. I try not to listen to Hannity if I can avoid it, but there was a game on the other talk station. Oh, well. But when discussing his new book Suicide of a Superpower: Will American Survive to 2025?, Buchanan mentioned America’s huge cultural shift over the past 50 years or so. This cultural degradation is relevant here.

Our culture has degenerated to the depths of primitivism – despite the technological advances – exemplified by how much of a police state America has become, how much police brutality is sweeping the country, and how our government officials have engaged in atrocities overseas, crimes that many of our fellow citizens have cheered on enthusiastically.

Our culture has degraded to one of sheer barbarism, as Justin Raimondo observed, and it directly coincides with the growth of centralization of government power and the decline of personal responsibility. Hans-Hermann Hoppe explained this in great detail in his book, Democracy, The God That Failed.

We must reverse that trend if our society can survive and call itself “civilized,” and for that end, tearing down the wall of centralized tyranny is a must. We must free ourselves from the prison of the State.


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