The Federal Reserve – Cain, Bernanke, & Paul

Interesting video that exposes Herman Cain flip-flopping (big shock) on the Federal Reserve system – praising Ron Paul’s call for an ongoing audit of the Fed, then saying it is unnecessary.

The second section shows Vermont Rep. Bernie Sanders (I) absolutely grilling Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke over why and to whom the Fed loaned $2.2 trillion in taxpayer money.

Finally, Ron Paul, the Fed Slayer, speaking to a crowd about the corrupt Federal Reserve system.


One thought on “The Federal Reserve – Cain, Bernanke, & Paul

  1. Bernanke:”…and we haven’t lost a penny doing it.” What!!!??? They are having to debase the penny now because there’s 2 cents worth of copper in the original. Sounds like they lost all the pennies, value wise.

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