What Would Happen If Ron Paul Were Elected President?

When politicians make a promise, you can take it to the bank and wait for the check to bounce.  When Ron Paul makes a promise, he keeps his word.

The 12-term congressman has been consistent and unwavering, which means he is left out of the childish games of “you flip-flopped” in GOP debates.

So, what would happen if Paul was able to deliver on his campaign promises as President?

1. $1 trillion would be cut from the federal budget in his first year, with a balanced budget coming by year three.

2. Our troops would come home and America would stop policing the world – which fuels hatred against us and makes us unsafe.

3. Five federal departments would be eliminated (for starters) because of their unconstitutional nature and government would once again be held to the rule of law.

4. The Federal Reserve would be audited thoroughly and regularly so the American people would understand the destruction that they brought upon our currency and economy.  Then, if all goes well, the Fed would be eliminated entirely.

5. The IRS would eventually be abolished and the income tax would be removed.

6. The free market would exist once again and government would stop hampering progress with needless and unconstitutional regulations.

7. Sound money would be re-instituted, as opposed to the fiat paper currency we now have.  This would help end the evil of inflation.

8. Personal liberties would be given back and intrusions like the PATRIOT Act, the War on Drugs, and the molestation of the TSA removed.

In other words, America would be America again.  When Ron Paul says he plans to “Restore America Now,” he actually means it.

See Bill Sardi’s excellent, related article here.


One thought on “What Would Happen If Ron Paul Were Elected President?

  1. Yeah, but doesn’t he drive a foreign car. Seriously, what’s so hard about understanding this? More government, more problems, less liberty vs Less government, less problems (bureaucratic screw-ups, corruption, etc) , and more liberty.

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