A Short Pep Rally for Ron Paul Supporters!

The 2012 Presidential campaign has been one of major ups and downs.  Michele Bachmann, once on top, has tumbled to the fringe of the race.  In her place came Rick Perry and his success lasted as long as it takes to read this sentence.  While he has not yet bowed out of the race, the Perry campaign could best be described as a massive train wreck – horrifying to watch, but you can’t look away.

Next up, the Cain Train!  9-9-9, Chilean models, and scandal.  No one should try to capitalize on personal scandals for political points, but most would acknowledge that it has and should cause concern over his personal character (which most certainly does matter in a President).  Of more concern is his constant flip-flopping and lack of clarity on major issues like the Federal Reserve, bank bailouts, abortion, and the killing of American citizens without due process.

So…just in case, here comes Newt Gingrich.  The script for Newt’s rise was apparently turned in yesterday, as newscasts predicted that he was the “one to watch” now.  It began with Fox News yesterday morning (leading up to the debate) and continued in MSNBC’s pre-debate coverage.  Fox continued lavishing attention on Gingrich today.

For Ron Paul supporters, this constant shuffling of allegiance, the ebb and flow of public opinion, and the apparent incoherence of poll numbers, is extremely puzzling.  It is easy to become frustrated or even angry, particularly considering how Paul has been so overlooked.

Why is Ron Paul “blacked out” by the media?  Why have debate moderators given him considerably less time?  Why has he been portrayed in such a negative light, as insignificant?  Why have his supporters been marginalized and their work ignored – online polls removed, straw poll results discounted, stereotyped as fanatics?

There are two answers to these questions.  First, Ron Paul is a serious threat to the political establishment, so the media must ignore him and will continue doing so (for more on this, see here).  Second, because he is such a threat to the establishment, I believe they are trying to wear down his supporters, hoping they will simply give up or go away.  Such media tactics certainly worked against Howard Dean and his very vibrant support in the 2008 race for the Democratic nomination.

But, there is no reason to view the proverbial cup as half-empty.

GOP “flavor of the month” candidates come and go.  But, Ron Paul’s support has remained rock-solid.  He has won straw polls all over the country, from the beginning of the campaign season to another just last week.

Bill O’Reilly has had to take down multiple polls because Paul has won every one of them on his website.  The “Restore America Now” plan even forced Rush Limbaugh to give him a compliment!

Paul supporters are so determined that they held a “Black This Out” Money Bomb that raised nearly $3 million in just a few days – all to spite the media.

He is polling third in early primary states and numbers indicate he would run a tight race against President Obama.  He has won a total of 15 straw polls, put in strong debate performances, and has raised millions in support from individuals.

In other words, Ron Paul’s supporters have no reason to be downcast.  After all, being ignored by the media, of both liberal and neocon varieties is a compliment.  And being the GOP golden child is apparently not a coveted position – just ask Bachmann, Perry, and Cain.

So, Paul supporters, keep up the grassroots efforts.  Wear your t-shirt, plaster on a bumper sticker, give to the Veteran’s Day Money Bomb, and put up a yard sign.  The small things work!

My wife and I have had the opportunity to influence several friends, neighbors, coworkers, and even a bakery employee!  And we did it through simple things – a yard sign, things posted on Facebook, and conversations started by a Ron Paul coffee mug or t-shirt.  You don’t need Fox News for that!

Keep up the fight!


2 thoughts on “A Short Pep Rally for Ron Paul Supporters!

  1. Good advice, Brian. But, how about this for an Obama tactic: Parade a long string of Republican flash in the pan types, portraying the the whole bunch as light weights (including a certain Ron Paul who never was able to get enough traction due to media bias.) No clear Republican emerges until after the Convention, putting the Republican (both parties hope not Paul) at a distinct disadvantage against an incumbent who has been campaigning for the last four years.Obama is said to have a campaign war chest of nearly a billion dollars. It sure looks like the cards are stacked in Obama’s favor
    A determined, dissatisfied segment of the voters supporting Ron Paul might really upset the establishment plans. We all need to take your advice and work on our friends, neighbors, and relatives: otherwise we end up with another George W. Obama.

  2. Marshall, I hinted at a couple of those things in “American Politics: A One-Party System,” but not as directly as you.

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