Obama Seems to Want World War III

by Michael Rozeff (Reprinted with permission from LRC Blog)

Israel is getting ready to attack Iran. One word from Obama can stop Israel from attacking Iran. Is he saying “No”? I don’t hear it. He evidently wants a wider war. Iran is a rather large country that borders on Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, and Turkey; plus the Persian Gulf, and plus being near Saudi Arabia and Syria. All sorts of unknown consequences, short and long term, can occur when Israel attacks Iran. It seems to me that Obama is courting World War III.

What concessions have the U.S. ever offered to Iran to have them stop their nuclear developments? And even if it had, why should the Iranians have listened? After all, Gadaffi stopped his program, such as it was, and look what happened to Libya and him. Why should Israel have nuclear weapons and Iran not? It’s obvious that the U.S. is following the domino road map laid out under Bush of knocking over one nation after another. Iran knows this. Why should the Iranians not rationally hasten and augment their military programs even more in view of the U.S. and Israeli threats and known strategies? Nations on its borders have already been attacked. A fine mess that U.S. leadership has produced since the Soviet Union fell! It could have led the world to nuclear disarmament and peace. Instead it’s created more and more totally useless and destructive warfare. Can anyone see a difference between Obama and Bush? I can’t.


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