What You Didn’t Realize About Last Night’s Debate: Good News!

by Tanya, from DailyPaul.com:

I’m hear to tell y’all….Ron Paul owned Spartanburg, South Carolina tonight at the CBS/National Journal/Wofford College debate. You may be upset over the “89 seconds” Ron Paul was given in the debate to reply but the real excitement was happening before airing and during commercials.

Someone screamed (in the quiet) “WE LOVE YOU RON PAUL!!” and the whole place went wild with applause and hooting etc.

When Herman Cain walked on stage, a DP member yelled “ZERO, ZERO, ZERO” which got the crowd going again…

Then a single troop stood up, STOOD UP (in fatigues) and hollered “THE TROOPS SUPPORT RON PAUL!!”

And so it went on throughout the debate, Ron Paul got the most applause, folks kept hollering out “RON PAUL!!”

So I’m just here to confirm to you that I witnessed it with my own eyes and ears. There was a lot of support for Ron Paul in the debate crowd tonight. We drew a lot of attention to Dr. Paul that we are obviously endeared to him unlike any other candidate. If no one knew about Ron Paul before the debate, I’ll bet they’re looking him up now!!

So do not fret!! WE WON!!!

Click HERE for more, including videos from last night!


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