My Thanksgiving List

Here are some of the things I have most enjoyed about this Thanksgiving weekend, some big blessings and some little things that bring joy.

1.  My family – I have an incredible wife and three beautiful children; a blessed man indeed.

2. The food – Of course!  From turkey and dressing, to mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, it was all great.

3. The expectation of Christmas – Having children makes it so much more exciting.

4. My mom –  Diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia a few years back, she is doing quite well right now and God gave us all another Thanksgiving together.  This year I was struck by what a blessing this really is.

5. Putting out Christmas decorations – Our tree is up and our stockings are hung, and when I stand on the front porch to look in, I cannot stop smiling.

6. Coffee with my father – For some reason life moves so fast that I almost forget what it’s like to sit and enjoy coffee and conversation.  Coffee actually tastes better if you enjoy it while solving the world’s problems.

7. Black Friday shopping with my wife – Insane?  Yes.  But, with three children, any time for my wife and I to spend alone is nice…even if it’s with hundreds of other people.

8. No alarm clock, just the kids – I wake up earlier than the rest of my family every day and am off to work before they stir.  So, having a Thanksgiving break reminds me of the great joy of being awakened by singing and laughing children.  Much nicer than an alarm buzzer.

9. Outdoor fires – Where we live, it is just now getting cold enough to use our outdoor fire pit.  I can see the embers outside as I type.

10. Trying to be more thankful – Thanksgiving is a bit of a kick in the pants.  We take one day to focus on gratitude and the other 364 forgetting it.  Here’s hoping  I’ll learn the lesson this time.


One thought on “My Thanksgiving List

  1. Stumbled upon your blog, not entirely relevant to the thanksgiving post, but I look forward to reading your posts! I love theology and the classical approach to education as well (don’t know a lot about it other than the basics) so I look forward to what you have to say!

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