Ron Paul Gets More Donations from Federal Workers than Other GOP Candidates

A Bloomberg article released on November 22, 2011 reveals that Rep. Ron Paul has received more donations from federal employees than all of the other GOP candidates.  Looks like the people closest to the disaster know just how bad it is.  The article begins:

Ron Paul, the presidential candidate who says he’ll shrink government the most, is attracting more campaign cash than any of his Republican rivals from two unlikely sources: U.S. government workers and employees of the biggest federal contractors.

Paul, a U.S. representative from Texas who has said he’ll cut $1 trillion in his first year in office, leads in donations from federal employees, with $95,085 through Sept. 30. That is more than four times the $23,000 federal employees gave to Mitt Romney, according to Federal Election Commission data compiled by Bloomberg.

Click HERE to read the rest!


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