Trump Dumps Debate, Puffs Out Chest

Donald Trump has announced that there will be no Iowa GOP debate on December 27th.  Trump had planned to host the debate on NBC, but only two of the seven candidates agreed to attend it.  The declining candidates cited various reasons, with Ron Paul’s being the strongest: that a debate hosted by a reality TV star was beneath the dignity of the Presidential office.

Not surprisingly, Trump responded in his typically egotistical way and lost his temper, ranting about how insignificant Ron Paul’s candidacy is (though Paul is in second place in early primary states, including Iowa).

Trump even renewed his threat to run as a third-party run for President if the GOP does not elect a candidate that is Trump-certified.  Ah, yes, America needs a man with such self-control, humility, and even-headedness.

Trump’s outbursts led to 4 more candidates dropping out.  Following Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman, Michele Bachmann, and Mitt Romney, all bowed out.  Now, no more debate.

The Des Moines Register reports:

Reality TV star Donald Trump this afternoon backed out of moderating a debate in Iowa later this month – because he hasn’t ruled out running for president.

Trump in a written statement blamed the GOP presidential candidates’ worries that he might run as an independent.

Only Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum had agreed to participate.

Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Matt Strawn said this afternoon that he learned that Trump canceled on the Dec. 27 Newsmax debate  through media reports.

“So Trump cancels trip to Iowa,” Strawn tweeted. “Where have I heard this before…”

In May, Trump decided not to run for president, then backed out of his promise to be keynote speaker the Republican party’s biggest fundraiser of the year – the Lincoln Day Dinner on June 10. The last-minute cancellation forced party officials to scrap the sold-out dinner.

Here’s his statement:

“The Republican Party candidates are very concerned that sometime after the final episode of The Apprentice, on May 20th, when the equal time provisions are no longer applicable to me, I will announce my candidacy for President of the United States as an Independent and that, unless I conclusively agree not to run as an Independent, they will not agree to attend or be a part of the Newsmax debate scheduled for December 27, 2011.

It is very important to me that the right Republican candidate be chosen to defeat the failed and very destructive Obama Administration, but if that Republican, in my opinion, is not the right candidate, I am not willing to give up my right to run as an Independent candidate.

Therefore, so that there is no conflict of interest within the Republican Party, I have decided not to be the moderator of the Newsmax debate. The American people are embarrassed by the gridlock currently taking place in Washington. I must leave all of my options open because, above all else, we must make America great again!

I would like to thank Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum for having the courage, conviction, and confidence to immediately accept being a part of the Newsmax debate. I believe this would not only have been the most watched debate, but also the most substantive and interesting debate!”


One thought on “Trump Dumps Debate, Puffs Out Chest

  1. Wow, maybe that is how you get to be so successful in business. You live in an alternate reality. Either Trump puts all this stuff out knowing it for the ridiculousness that it is or he really believes it. If he really believes this stuff — like he has a chance for the presidency on a whim, that he is viewed seriously by the public, or that the other candidates are scared of him running — that level of delusion would be quite sad.

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