Germany Battling Right-Wing Nazis & Other Fairy Tale Creatures

Featured on Yahoo! News this morning, the Associated Press has released a story from Berlin, Germany entitled “Germany opens center to fight far-right extremism.”

The short tale reads:

BERLIN (AP) — German authorities say a new center that brings together representatives of state police and intelligence services to coordinate better the fight against far-right extremism is up and running.

Security officials decided to form the center after it emerged in November that a small group of neo-Nazis had been able to kill at least nine people across the country over several years and evade detection.

The center that opened Friday includes representatives of the 16 states’ separate intelligence andpolice forces.

They’re expected to share information daily on cases, tips, new analyses and anything else that might be of use.

Police have been rounding up people connected with the group of neo-Nazis since the founders died in an apparent murder-suicide last month.

Interesting story – not because it is about Germany’s continuing struggle with the Nazis and not because it involves mysterious murder investigations.  I find the story fascinating because it brings to mind an important question: How are Nazis being identified as part of the “right”?

“Nazis” are the National Socialist Party.  Formerly known as the German Worker’s Party founded by Gottfried Feder in 1919, the party name was changed by Adolf Hitler.

Since when are National Socialists “conservatives” or “right-wing”?  The Associated Press is engaging in blatant lies (at worst) or historical ignorance (well, that’s pretty bad too).

The Nazis, led by Hitler, imposed government control over absolutely every area of life – banks, education, the press, food.  Hitler himself was a vegetarian, hated alcohol, and launched very aggressive no-smoking campaigns.  Neither the Nazi party or their leader could be described as “right-wing.”

Why such bold-faced misrepresentations?  It could another liberal media attempt to paint “the right” with an ugly brush, while distancing “the left” from their most hideous brothers, the Nazis.  It could be that the reporters were all taught with current government school history books and have no idea what Nazi stands for or what they believe.

But it could be, if “the right” in Germany is anything like the American GOP, that the reporters simply could not tell the difference between them.


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