Ron Paul’s CNN Interview UNCUT

Wait…I thought he stormed off before the interview was over?  Hmm.  This uncut version of the video doesn’t match up with CNN’s claim that he angrily cut the interview short and left.


3 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s CNN Interview UNCUT

  1. I occasionally enjoyed Borger’s articles. I lost every bit of respect for her after this interview. She is not playing an objective journalist, she came with obvious belligerence and biases. And when she could not pearce his rock solid integrity with her mass media rhetoric she went to the lowest common denominator on some vague things from the 70’s and 80’s in a petty mudsling. She did not care about the real problems as Paul put it, she cared about how “republicans look” or “democrats look”. She’s a fashion journalist. Her and her colleagues are terrified of him.

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