“Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus”: A Response

Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick, with whom I am largely unfamiliar, wrote a line-by-line response to the above video that is simply outstanding.  It begins:

The above video by Jefferson Bethke has been making the rounds lately via various bits of social media. A few people have sent to it me to ask what I think. This touches on a lot of themes that I’ve written on before, and while it doesn’t particularly make any new theological claims—it’s really just a sort of standard, monergistic, anti-ecclesial, sentimentalist Evangelical Protestantism—for whatever reason (perhaps the emotionally moving music in the background), it seems to be getting some attention.

Read the rest at Fr. Damick’s blog by clicking HERE.


5 thoughts on ““Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus”: A Response

  1. Fr. Andrew,

    Absolutely! Thank you for formulating such a thorough and entertaining response.

  2. Jesus was based on the grandson of Julius Caesar. His parents were brother and sister teens, and he later became a mass murderer in Scotland. These are truths that only the world’s cultural elite supposedly know about. Jesus as a con artist, his family committing genocide in Western Europe. It should be on every website and blog.

    Think twice. What does your soul, not your body or your brain, really want?


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