Want to Feel Like a Man? Then Act Like One

Since starting The Art of Manliness nearly five years ago, I’ve interacted with thousands of men from all over the world. One thing that I’ve learned over the years is that many grown men out there simply don’t feel like men. I’m not talking about “feeling like a man” in the cartoonish, hyper-masculine sense. Rather, I’m talking about “feeling like a man” in the sense of that quiet confidence that comes from moving from boyhood into mature masculinity.

Many of the guys I’ve talked to (particularly the ones in their 20s and 30s) have confessed to me that they still feel like a teenage boy walking around in a grown man’s body. Because they don’t feel like mature men, many of these young men are putting off adult responsibilities like careers, families, and civic involvement until they can look at themselves in the mirror and say: “I’m a man.”  In the meantime, these young men drift insecurely through life, wondering when they’ll finally start feeling like grown men.

Read more of this excellent article by Brett McKay at “The Art of Manliness


2 thoughts on “Want to Feel Like a Man? Then Act Like One

  1. I went to your site and appreciate such solid advice being given to today’s young men, especially the “decide what kind of man you want to be” and the call to action. Well done.

  2. “…there is no way to lead men away from poverty, away from crime, away from self-destructive habits, away from a life of laziness, without leading them to a woman. A woman is not the reward for being responsible. Almost all men need to marry before they are entirely responsible adults…In this world, a woman is God’s chief instrument for making a man responsible.”

    From Doug Wilsons’ “Father Hunger”

    From my view, there are only really two things that evoke the inner “man” in us all: wives and wars. And the former is far more pleasant than the latter 🙂

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