Internet Blackout – SOPA Protest

Unfortunately, due to WordPress restrictions, I cannot blackout my website in protest of the SOPA internet censorship bill.

However, I do stand with the thousands of other websites that object to the bill and will not be posting anything on this protest day.  To find out more about SOPA, please visit here.  Protect the 1st Amendment!


Online Piracy Bill Would Grant Broad Powers for Policing the Internet

Josh Peterson of The Daily Caller reports:

In a statement released Tuesday, House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa criticized an amendment proposed by Texas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith to the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act, saying it does not fix anything and would give “Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice broad new powers to police the Internet.”

SOPA, which is Smith’s bill, would place authority over websites that facilitate copyright infringement under Justice Department jurisdiction. Under SOPA, the Justice Department would have to lay out its case before a federal court that the foreign site is illegal and infringes upon copyright law before obtaining a court order to block the site or sever its financial ties.

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That’s right.  The internet would be under Justice Department jurisdiction.  After all, America is now a battlefield, why not cyberspace as well?